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Your First Appointment at the Memory & Aging Center:

After calling to schedule an appointment for yourself or your loved one, you will receive a return phone call from one of our nurses. This phone call will be a brief interview and an appointment will be scheduled.


A comprehensive history form will be mailed to you at this time. It should be completed and returned to the office at least one week prior to the scheduled appointment. This form is quite long and can be exhausting to complete. However, a full completed and accurate form will allow us to be better equipped to address your concerns.


Your first appointment will last approximately two hours. It is imperative for someone to accompany the patient to the first visit. This should be an individual(s) who knows the patient well and for several years. This would ideally be a spouse, child, or good friend. Further history will be obtained from the person being seen as well as anyone who accompanies him or her. A complete physical examination will be performed with special emphasis on the neurological system. As part of the thorough evaluation, a battery of neuro-psychiatric tests (tests of memory and thinking ability) will be performed. The number of these tests administered will vary from patient to patient. At the conclusion of the first visit, appropriate laboratory tests and x-rays will be scheduled. The medical team performing the evaluation will include Dr. McDonald, a 3rd year resident, a doctoral psychology student, and a team of master's degree level occupational therapy students from Indiana State University.


In most cases, a diagnosis will NOT be given the first visit. You will be scheduled to return in approximately 2 weeks to sit down and discuss the implications of the results of all the tests performed.


Making a diagnosis of dementia is a process of information-gathering, which may need to take place over the course of more than one office visit (and perhaps several). In general, in order to make the diagnosis of dementia, we will use the medical history, clinical exam, and diagnostic tests to establish that the patient demonstrates cognitive and functional impairment not due to any other causes.

  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Caregiver Support
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Free Driving Evaluations
  • Free Home Evaluations
  • Referral to major research centers for clinical trials
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Speaking Engagements:
If you are an organization and would like to schedule a member of our team to provide education or speak at an event, please contact our Education Coordinator at (812) 238-7594 or complete the request form below.

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